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The Golden Horn Environmental Laboratory, whose aim is to determine all kinds of factors that cause harm to human health and the environment in the most correct way with the most valid methods, is also one of the leading laboratories of Turkey that supports all kinds of studies that contribute to our society’s awareness of environmental pollution and occupational hygiene without regard to commercial interests. Since 2000, it has been happy to provide reliable services to every individual, institution or organization that wants to receive services or work together.

The Golden Horn Environmental Laboratory, which extends the scope of its service every day, has received the accreditation certificate from the Turkish Accreditation Agency for all the scopes it serves, T.C. It has authorization from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. With its experienced technical staff, state-of-the-art and equipment, it continues to provide its customers with the fastest and most convenient solutions in every point of Turkey.


Environmental Consultancy as the leading company of the sector is to provide sustainable development awareness within the scope of environmental consultancy and to manage the processes by transferring our experiences while fulfilling legal obligations.


To be one of the leading organizations in the implementation of sustainable development with the understanding of sustainable environment and occupational health in our country and to serve the world as a Turkish brand.

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